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Clifford Geertz on Defining Culture and Religion (Anthropology of Religion Study)

Religion is academically multi-interpretable to define. So many experts and many approaches have defined religion, they come from theologians, philosophers and scientists give their ideas in religious concern. Nevertheless, we will take our focus to define religion in perspective of social sciences. In this perspective, there are some of approaches to talk religion, such as the essence of religion, definition of religion, description of religion, the function of religion. We tried to describe the definition of religion according to the functionalist approach.

One of the most impressive and influential of the functionalist approach is Clifford Geertz, an anthropologist who has become well-known within the religious studies for the insightfulness of his proposal that religion is a “cultural system”. Geertz has caught attention of thoughtful people in many fields with series of the striking critical essays that addressed some of the most important theoretical issues in modern anthropology. This writing below will present his idea on defining culture and religion; consist of the introduction that is including of his basic of knowledge, some of the principle theories, his proposal of the cultural systems and some scholars’ criticism to his definition of religion.

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