Thursday , August 5 2021
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Clifford Geertz on Defining Culture and Religion (Anthropology of Religion Study)


Religion is academically multi-interpretable to define. So many experts and many approaches have defined religion, they come from theologians, philosophers and scientists give their ideas in religious concern. Nevertheless, we will take our focus to define religion in perspective of social sciences. In this perspective, there are some of approaches …

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Tradisi Wuku Taun sebagai Bentuk Integrasi Agama Islam dengan Budaya Sunda pada Masyarakat Adat Cikondang

Wuku Taun Cikondang

This article write starts from some phenomena of the relation between religions and local cultures. Such relation is interesting to do research that interpretations of the relation between religion and local cultures to certain societies are various. The interaction between Islam and local cultures also undergoes variuos form of relation. …

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